Pinterest Goals

So I really enjoyed trying out those no heat paper towel curls and so I’d like to do some more Pins for you guys. I have a few ideas as to what I want to try next, hey maybe there will be a fail! 🙂 This is just an update for now, but I will do some more of these Pins for you all and for myself.


Paper Towel Curls (no heat method)

Hey again guys, so I’ve done something girly…no seriously, I did. I was surfing the Pinterest wave when I stumbled across a really interesting idea I had not heard of before. Now just a little background on my hair, it does not curl unless I braid it wet and then let it out in the morning but even then that’s not ringlets. I have dead straight hair which I find deathly boring, it’s either up or down…there is no in between. So when I saw this method, and realized I had a full roll of paper towels and a water squirting device I got excited. I was still skeptical about it actually working but hey, I’m desperate.

So I tried to follow the instructions on the Pinterest post I found, though they were really vague and I am only one person who cannot see the back of my head so I equipped my mums help. As I sat on the floor in front of my mum, it almost felt like my hair was being yanked from my skull as she twisted my hair over and over on itself until it formed little buds on my scalp, she then tied strips of paper towels around them to hold them in place.

I attempted to sleep on them but I couldn’t physically sleep on my back, my right or left side and was only left with my front which makes my back sore after a while. So I made the decision at about 4am, a good few hours since they had been in, to take them out. Standing in front of my mirror with sleepy eyes I unrolled the buds and unleashed ringlet after ringlet. I then ran my fingers through my hair, forming a few knots that didn’t stand a chance against the hairbrush, and ended up with curls I have NEVER had. It hurt but it was so worth it. (I will add the pictures to my Home Page 🙂 )

Confession Time!

I have a confession to make…one that I am not very proud of.

I am addicted to Pinterest…but I neglect it so much. The amount of times I’ve made new board and filled them with unrelated pins is appalling and it must stop. So as of today I make this pledge…as should all of you who suffer from this problem.

I pledge to always update my pins, to maintain my boards and to not pin excessively. I promise to always respect the pin and to not go to far with my pinning and end up planning 9 weddings and my own funeral. I pledge to, from this day forth, become a more respectful Pinterest user and to Pin wisely.

Remember folks…with great Pin power comes great Pin responsibility.

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